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Date: 04.11.2011
Posted: 04.14.2011 02:45
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NAVAL AIR FACILITY MISAWA, Japan – Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment Misawa returned to performing routine work and repairs on aircraft parts here, April 11.

AIMD is an intermediate maintenance shop that supports aviation units deployed throughout the 5th Fleet and 7th Fleet Areas of Responsibility.

“We get quite a bit of work,” said Chief Petty Officer Ben Mathe, an aviation electronics technician and Quality Assurance Supervisor at AIMD. “Right now we have engines from a P-3C Orion that are being worked on. They are from Patrol Squadron (VP) 4, who are currently on deployment in this area.”

The members of AIMD perform maintenance and repairs for various parts of aircraft. This includes calibration of instruments, repairing or replacing damaged parts, and in some cases manufacturing components needed to make an aircraft serviceable.

“Engines are the big ticket item we receive,” continued Mathe, a native of Oshkosh, Wis. “Along with engines, aircrews will bring in life support systems, electronic equipment, and wheels for us to have a look at. That is why we have a lot of workers. We need to repair those items that are vital to the crews and their mission.”

During Operation Tomodachi, Naval Air Facility Misawa had two P-3C Orion aircraft from VP-4, as well as helicopters from Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron 14, Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron Light 51, and Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 14 for AIMD to support.

“We were extremely busy during the relief efforts,” said Mathe. “Our [operating tempo] turned up during those three weeks. Each aircraft has a different method of getting items fixed.”

With the conclusion of Operation Tomodachi AIMD has returned to their normal operations, which means supporting aircraft intermediate maintenance for airplanes in the region and those deployed as far away as Bahrain.

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