Call for testers

We need your help!

Over the last 3 weeks there have been numerous changes to the VP-4 Veterans Association website and even more to come. We need your assistance testing out some of the new feature of the site.

Two of the features we are currently testing out are the ability for registered web site users to upload pictures to the site; and changes to the VP-4 Veterans Association forum.

  • If you are registered (through the WordPress registration process) on the site, please visit the photo upload test page and submit a couple of pictures for us to test with.
  • Please visit the Association Forum, register for the forum(if you haven’t already), make some changes to your forum profile(through the User Control Panel) and make a post in one of the forum sections.
  • We need to make sure the comments blocks at the bottom of most pages of the web site are working correctly too, please post a comment or two on different pages.


Thank you very much,

The web team.

clip art illustration of orange man with clipboard controlling holographic interface

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