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Hello Fellow Skinny Dragons,

I wanted to make sure you knew about this important event. This is another celebration this year to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation. The Navy kicked it off with the parade of flight in San Diego. Then there was the celebration of Patrol Aviation in Jacksonville.

A Master Chief from my reserve squadron is the chairman of the Madison Navy League council. He is organizing the Navy Night Flight Suit Reception. So I wanted to send you this flyer concerning the reception on the 27th of July at Oshkosh, WI. The last I heard there might be two P-3’s there during the week, not sure if they be there on the 27th. There are a lot of heritage paint scheme current Naval aircraft coming to the Air Venture in Oshkosh. It would be nice to have the heritage painted P-3 from Hawaii come. It is done up in VP-6 markings.

If you come to the reception you will need to stop by the Navy League table to get that free ticket to get into the tents.

Hope to see some of you there,


John Larson

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