P-3 Orion Research Group website

Dear all,

I am proud to announce that we have just uploaded the new P-3 Orion Research Group website!!

Besides a completely new layout we added an important new feature: our P-3 Aircraft Location History Report (ALHR) has now been published online! This report is giving the entire service life history for each individual P-3 Orion in the world. Our ALHR was last published eleven years ago in our “P-3 Orion Volume 2” booklet. Last year we decided that we will not publish a third booklet and instead we have now published the ALHR online. And there is more: it’s our intention to publish an updated ALHR four times a year.

Another change to the website is the news section. In the past this wasn’t refreshed as often as we wanted. Next to the news section we published our “Orion Nieuws” in Dutch language as a PDF document on the website. We have decided to quit publishing this Dutch news issues and instead we now publish this news in English as an integrated part of the website. Also for the news section it is our intention to publish new issues four times a year.

Please be advised that some sections of the new website are still under construction. And the text of other sections (like the history, variants and operators sections) still need to be updated. This will be done over the next few weeks. And of course we will be adding more photos to the existing pages over the next few weeks too.

We hope you will enjoy the new layout and especially the P-3 Aircraft Location History Report.

Marco P.J. Borst and Jaap Dubbeldam
P-3 Orion Research Group – The Netherlands


Visit the site at: http://www.p3orion.nl/index.html

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