VP-4 Celebrates African-American History Month

March 15, 2012
LTJG Jenna Rose


On 24 February 2012, VP-4’s Command Assessment Team (CAT) recognized African-American History month by having an educational session and potluck. More than thirty people participated in the event. In addition to enjoying the food, the CAT spent time recognizing important African-Americans in both naval and American history. These individuals ranged from the first African-American President, Barack Obama, to the first African-American naval diver, Carl Brashear. “I was very impressed with how many people turned out for the event and how enthusiastic everyone was to share their views,” stated LTJG Robles, VP-4’s Command Management Equal Opportunity Officer. “It was interesting to learn about others and further celebrate and embrace our diversity,” stated LS1 Kushiyama, a CAT member.

The CAT has another educational potluck event planned for March 23, 2012 to celebrate Women’s history month.







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