VP-4’s CSADD Saves Stream

LTJG Jenna Rose, VP-4 PAO
March 5, 2012


On Saturday, February 18, 2012, Patrol Squadron Four’s (VP-4) Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) chapter partnered with the He’eia Stream Restoration project to protect the He’eia Stream. Continuing to strengthen community relations, the CSADD chapter worked with over thirty people from the local Kaneohe area clearing areas of non-native species and debris, spreading mulch, planting native species, and maintaining planted areas. “There were many invasive species taking up too much water, so it was important to eliminate those plants, while ensuring the native plants are able to grow in the area,” stated CSADD member AE3(AW) Garcia.

The He’eia Stream Project started in 2010 to restore 4000 feet of riparian habitat in He’eia Stream. In addition to rejuvenating the area, the future goal of the He’eia Stream Restoration project is to allow community groups to utilize the project as an educational experience. “It’s a great opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community, while spending time outdoors,” commented VP-4 CSADD President IS3 Mabry.

VP-4’s CSADD chapter was established in July 2011. While adhering to its mission statement, “Shipmates Helping Shipmates,” the organization works to create a culture in which its members maintain a course of success through good decision making. The chapter is actively involved with the community, and will be taking part in another He’eia Stream Project day on Saturday, March 17, 2012.


AWV3 Carrell, AMC McGennis (and his daughter), AZ3 Jordan, AE3(AW) Garcia, AWV2 Rogoff, and AZ3 Pollard participating in He'eia Stream Restoration Project in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

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