Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors
by LTJG Rose, VP-4 PAO

20 Feb 2012

February 11, 2012 – Early Saturday morning, while the other squadrons were waking up to decide which beach to spend the day, VP-4 was hard at work. The squadron spent time getting ahead; including introducing aircrew to a new mission planning, conducting alcohol and drug abuse prevention training, and executing four flights. Additionally, the squadron completed significant progress on two aircraft in long term maintenance periods.

Personnel lining up for burgers.

However, Saturday was not strictly business. To recognize the Skinny Dragons, Command Services held a burger burn to feed the entire squadron. Night check was acknowledged for their hard work with pizzas.

By putting in the additional time on Saturday, VP-4 was able to make progress in maintaining readiness.

LCDR Brassfield, MC1 Laird and AN Henning grilling lunch.

By displaying such dedication, it is easy to see that the Skinny Dragons continue to live up to their names, “Hawaii’s Best.”












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