Skinny Dragons Take a Stand Against Sexual Assault

23 April 2012
LTJG Jenna Rose
VP-4 Public Affairs Officer

Skinny Dragons Take a Stand Against Sexual Assault

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month and VP-4 was busy increasing awareness throughout the squadron. On Friday, April 13th, the entire squadron spent part of the day executing training on sexual assault awareness. In addition to participating in Navy-wide regulated training, the squadron has also been active in promoting awareness through a variety of events. On April 16th, the Skinny Dragons partnered with the Golden Eagles of VP-9 for “One Sweet Day,” where they had a bake sale and conducted an educational session. Both squadrons’ Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) program coordinators were joined by Ms. Sheri Freeman, the regional Sexual Awareness Response Coordinator (SARC) and Ms. Brenda Huntsinger the SAPR Program Manager for Kaneohe Marine Corps Base.

In addition to enjoying delicious baked goods that ranged from cookies to cupcakes, everyone received information and fliers promoting prevention of sexual assault through training. Additionally, the event reinforced the commitment of the squadron to maintain a workplace environment that rejects sexual assault and reinforces a culture of prevention, response and accountability. The event brought in a total of $123.00, which will be donated to Hawaii Region SAPR Program and Sex Abuse Treatment Center at Kapiolani Medical Center.

When asked about the turnout for the event, Chief Baby Wakefield stated, “The event went very well. I was surprised to see how many people turned out not only for the baked goods but also to learn about our program. It was also a great event because we were able to partner with VP-9 to promote sexual assault awareness and pass information about future events.”

Additionally, the SAPR team sponsored a free 5k fun run on Friday, April 20th for the entire command. The five kilometer run was conducted at Fort Hase beach. The winners, first through third in both male and female categories, were AEAN John Ciralli, AWV3 Matthew Carrell, ISSN Jeffrey Torrance, PR3 Candace Tramel, LS1 Meibol Kushiyama, and LSC Baby Wakefield. In addition to getting some early morning exercise, the Skinny Dragons also demonstrated their support for the SAPR program.

The events provided a good time while offering valuable insight to the SAPR program and its importance in the command. Everyone received the program’s message, “Hurts One, Affects All. Prevention of Sexual Assault is Everyone’s Duty,” further strengthening the squadron’s commitment against sexual assault.

AD2 Michael Espinoza and AWF1 Thomas Van Mun enjoying “One Sweet Day” with the regional SARC Ms. Sheri Freeman and SAPR Program Manager for MCBH Kaneohe Brenda Huntsinger. Photo taken by MC1 Nathan Laird.

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