Pezzei, Engelbert G. CAPT USN (Ret) VP-4 1962 – 1964

Pezzei, Engelbert 01 Pezzei, Engelbert 02CAPT Engelbert G. Pezzei USN (Ret) passed away in early June 2014. His daughter, Alice Tanita, told me that there is no additional info and an obituary was not published.

He was a LCDR and PPC of crew 5 while he served in VP-4 fron 1962 to 1964. He graduated from the School of Naval Warfare at the Naval War College in June of 1967. His later tours included duty as the Navigation Officer aboard USS Forrestal CVA-59 and as SECURITY/ADMIN OFFICER on the staff of GEN A.M. HAIG, JR., US ARMY SUPREME ALLIED COMMANDER EUROPE. CAPT Pezzei retired 1 Sept 1975.

Photos are from VP-4 1962 Cruise Book and CVA-59 1971 Cruise book.

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