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Passing of VP-4 Vet CAPT William Jerry Fogle, USN (Ret.) VP-4 1962 – 1965

CAPT William Jerry Fogle USN (Ret) who served as a TACCO in VP-4 from 1962 to 1965.

Capt. William Jerry Fogle, U.S. Navy (Ret.) was born October 12, 1936, in Aurora, Missouri. He was the son of Arthur A. and Marjorie Fogle. As he frequently told people, he proudly served our country in the U.S. Navy for 31 years, 8 months and 4 days, and retired as a Captain on March 31, 1989. He Jerry served on the USS Kitty Hawk, USS Coral Sea, and defended our country in Vietnam, where he received numerous medals, including a Bronze Star with Combat V and a Purple Heart. During his career, he was stationed in many places throughout the world, including Okinawa, Hawaii, Iceland, and England. He retired in Portland, Tennessee, and was very active as a community volunteer, and worked with the youth athletic soccer network as a referee for many years. He loved living in Portland and enjoyed his wide many friends in the community.

Jerry is survived by his five sons: Barry Fogle, (and his wife Angie) of Goodlettsville, Tennessee, Brett Fogle (and his wife Debbie) of White House, Tennessee, Eric Fogle of Nashville, Tennessee, Sgt. Lance Fogle (and his wife Sara), currently stationed in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, and LCDR Corey Fogle, USN, (and his wife Katie), currently stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He also is survived by 8 eight grandchildren: Drew, Kara, Niki, Brock, Logan, Bella, Ryder and McClane. He was preceded in death by his wife Sharon many years ago and, more recently, by his wife Maureen.

The family would like to thank the staff at NHC Place, Sumner in Gallatin, Tennessee, who took such wonderful care of Jerry in his final days.

Visitation will be at Austin and Bell Funeral Funeral Home in Hendersonville, Tennessee, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, July 19, He will receive a Full Honors Military Funeral at the Middle Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery, located at 7931 McCrory Lane, Nashville, TN, at 1 p.m. on July 31.

You may view the obituary or offer your Condolences online at The family has entrusted services to Austin & Bell Funeral Home and Cremation Service, 104 Sanders Ferry Road, Hendersonville, TN. 615-822-4442.


Passing of V-4 Vet CDR Samuel Bruce Walker USN (Ret) VP-4 1961 – 1963

Samuel Bruce Walker was born on December 15, 1930, in the town of Andrews, Cherokee County, North Carolina. He was the oldest child of Gerald Benjamin Walker and Margaret Everett Walker, and brother to William Hudson Walker (b.  1933), and Kathryn Louise Walker Scott (b. 1935, d. 1969). He was raised in the Presbyterian Church.

By the time he was five, Sam had decided he wanted to be a minister on Sundays who ran a filling station and garage during the week. Then one day he saw a large, single-engine biplane pass overhead carrying airmail, and the ministry gave way to the flying bug. While building stick-and-tissue flying models, Sam decided at a young age the only way he was going to be able to fly was to join the service, preferably the Navy. At some point, Sam built a crystal set radio which added an interest in electronics to his fascination with aviation.

The family moved to Savannah, Georgia for better work opportunities for Sam’s father, and it was in Savannah that Sam attended elementary through high school, graduating from Savannah High in 1947. It was also in Savannah where Phyllis Epperson, then 14 and visiting family in Savannah, first saw her future husband, then age 16, emerging from a chicken coop after cleaning it.

Sam applied for appointment to the US Naval Academy and was chosen as an alternate. At seventeen, not convinced an appointment would come through, his parents signed for him to enlist. Sam used to tell of getting on the train in Savannah that winter, wearing a light coat that that was fine for Georgia weather, and his shock at getting off the train in an Illinois winter for the last part of his trip to Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Depending on when he told the story, the snow was anywhere from ankle deep to knee deep.

While at Great Lakes, Sam received his appointment and proceeded to Annapolis by way of the Naval Academy Preparatory School at Bainbridge, Maryland. He graduated in the Class of 1952. Sam and Phyllis dated throughout his four years at the Naval Academy, marrying in 1953. USS Coral Sea, Pensacola, Jacksonville (VP-5), Monterey (Naval Postgraduate School), Washington DC, North Island, Okinawa (VP-4), North Island again, Annapolis, Norfolk, and Philadelphia. It was a Navy life. Sam and Phyllis’ son, Scott, was born in 1955, in Jacksonville. Sam’s favorite duty station was Annapolis, where he taught classes and coached the Shields sailing team.

After twenty-two years in the Navy, he retired with the rank of Commander in 1974, and Sam and Phyllis returned to Coronado. Out of the Navy, Sam worked in the computer industry at SAIC and Cubic Corporation. He became a long-time member of the Optimist Club of Coronado and volunteered as a tax preparer on Coronado and at Naval Base San Diego. Sam retired from Cubic in 1995 and he and Phyllis took the opportunity to travel to Hawaii, Alaska, the American Southwest and Pacific Northwest. Sam’s love of airplanes took them to the EAA airshow in Oshkosh several times. In 2000, their son Scott married Nancy Freeman, and in 2005 Sam and Phyllis’ granddaughter Cecelia was born. Phyllis Walker passed away in 2013, and in 2015 Sam moved from Coronado to Evanston, Illinois to be closer to his Son’s family. Sam died on March 31, 2018, after a long illness.

Sam’s family will remember him for his wide-ranging interests, voracious reading, and a rye sense of humor. He is survived by his brother Bill, son Scott, daughter-in-law Nancy, and granddaughter Cecelia. Donations in Sam’s name may be made to Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society through their website.

Visitation was at Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary, 4300 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA 92113 on April 12, 2018, and the funeral service was at Miramar National Cemetery, 5795 Nobel Drive San Diego, CA 92122 on April 13, 2018.

Samuel Bruce Walker


1988 VP-4 Squadron Roster


No Name Rank Photos on Page(s) Position
Commanding Officers
1 Bryan, Timothy R. CDR 2 C.O. 9 May 1987 – 18 May 1988
2 Schmidt, Charles R. CDR 4 X.O. C.O. 18 May 1988 – 27 Apr 1989
1 Acalin, Steven LT 16, 41 Crew 4 PPC/MC SAFETY/NATOPS
2 All, William LT 14, 35, 40 Crew 3 PPC/MC Admin Legal
3 Avila, Mark LT 28 Crew 10 PPC
4 Barnette, David LCDR 39 Medical
5 Bolen, Keith LTJG 30, 33, 40 Crew 11 NC Duty Office Training
6 Brobst, Ted LTJG 14, 43 Crew 3 PPC OPS/SCHEDS
7 Brueck, David LCDR 26 Crew 9 TC/MC
8 Caldwell, Robert LTJG 52 Quality Assurance
9 Cole, Jeffrey LTJG 24, 45 Crew 8 NC NAV
10 Corrigan, Dennis LCDR 22, 34 Crew 7 PPC/MC Admin
11 Crabtree, Gregory LT 24, 46 Crew 8 TC/MC AW’s
12 Currie,Iain LT 12, 36 Crew 2 PPC/MC Personnel
13 Denham, Tom LCDR 28 Crew 10 PPC/MC
14 Dillenbeck LT 28 Crew 10 PPC
15 Donevant, Carlyle LTJG 28, 41 Crew 10 NP SAFETY/NATOPS
16 Donoher, Paul LT 26 Crew 9 PPC/MC
17 Dukes, Curtis LT 10, 34, 40 Crew 1 PPC Admin Legal
18 Dyer, Daniel LTJG 20 Crew 6 NC
19 Eguchi, David LT 30, 43 Crew 11 TC OPS/SCHEDS
20 Evans, Kenneth LT 22, 37 Crew 7 2P Human Services
21 Fink LCDR 14, 43 Crew 3 TC/MC OPS/SCHEDS
22 Foldy, Mark LTJG 12, 44 Crew 2 NC TACTICS
23 Fox, Sheila LT 50 Maintenance Admin
24 Glaeser, Karl LTJG 12, 37, 95 Crew 2 TC Public Affairs
25 Goodwin, Joseph LT 10 Crew 1 PPC/MC
26 Goodwin, Raymond LTJG 10 Crew 1 3P
27 Grace, Alan LT 30, 40 Crew 11 PPC/MC Training
28 Hugh, Ernest LTJG 16, 22, 45 Crew 4 Crew 7 NC COMM/CMS
29 Humble, Jeffrey LT 22, 26, 45 Crew 7 Crew 9 PPC/MC COMM/CMS
30 Johnson LT 24 Crew 8 TC/MC
31 Keating, Michael LT 28, 44 Crew 10 TC/MC TACTICS
32 Keilty, Kevin LT 26, 51, 53 Crew 9 PPC Maintenance Training Line
33 Kuenhle, Donald LCDR 20, 50 Crew 6 PPC/MC Maintenance Admin
34 Laning, James LTJG 28, 38 Crew 10 NC PRT/REC
35 Lauer, Michael LT 20, 40, 44 Crew 6 TC/MC Training TACTICS
36 Lawler, Gregory LT 26, 51 Crew 9 TC/MC Maintenance Training
37 Lopez, Pete LTJG 10, 54 Crew1 NC Phase/Corrosion
38 Luhrman LCDR 16 Crew 4 TC/MC
39 Makovitch, Victor LT 14 Crew 3 TC/MC
40 McMaken, Glen LT 28, 45 Crew 10 TC/MC SMO
41 Merriman, Richard LTJG 16, 38 Crew 4 3P Sponsor Officer
42 Moore, Beth Ann LT 44 AIO
43 Mullins, Paul LTJG 18, 45 Crew 5 NC NAV
44 Murray, K.P. LT 50 Maintenance Admin
45 Newnham, Joe LTJG 26, 51 Crew 9 PPC Maintenance Training
46 Nichols, Jeffrey LT 18, 41 Crew 5 TC/MC SAFETY/NATOPS
47 Oakes, Michael LT 30 Crew 11 PPC
48 Olson, Eric LTJG 22 Crew 7 NC
49 Ortiz LT 16 Crew 4 TC
50 Osborn, Brian LTJG 18 Crew 5 3P
51 Perez, Arnold CWO2
52 Perry, Douglas LTJG 24 Crew 8 3P
53 Pierce, Randall LT 12 Crew 2 PPC
54 Platamone, Stephen LT 24, 52 Crew 8 PPC/MC Quality Assurance
55 Pytel, Dennis LTJG 26, 40 Crew 9 NC Training
56 Reid, Randall LTJG 20 Crew 6 3P
57 Rieck, Dan LTJG 20, 56 Crew 6 NP Power Plants
58 Rogers, Michael LT 22 Crew 7 TC/MC
59 Roof, Robert LTJG 14, 43 Crew 3 NC OPS/SCHEDS
60 Sanderson, Alfred LT 10, 43, 44 Crew1 TC OPS/SCHEDS TACTICS
61 Schulte, Steven LT 18, 41 Crew 5 PPC/MC SAFETY/NATOPS
62 Tappan, William LTJG 14, 59 Crew 3 3P 1st LT
63 Tarquinio, Thomas LT 20, 51 Crew 6 PPC/MC Maintenance Training
64 Tatomer, William LTJG 30 Crew 11 3P
65 Thackaberry, Brian LTJG 22 Crew 7 3P
66 Waldrip, Randall LCDR 18, 41 Crew 5 PPC/MC SAFETY/NATOPS
67 Wagner, Wayne LCDR 10, 44 Crew1 TC/MC TACTICS
68 Wolf, John LTJG 16 Crew 4 PPC
69 Yates, John LCDR 24, 37 Crew 8 PPC/MC Human Services
70 Young, Gregory LCDR 16, 35 Crew 4 TC Admin
71 Zumstein, Edward LCDR 13, 40 Crew 2 PPC/MC Training
1 Amerman, James AWC 12, 44 Crew 2 SS2 TACTICS
2 Best, John ADC 26, 53 Crew 9 FE Line
3 Bomberger, Gary AMHC 49 Maintenance Control
4 Bruns ADC 47 FE’s
5 Cheyney, David ADC 49 Maintenance Control
6 Fields, Nicholas AWC 43 OPS/SCHEDS
7 Givens, Sammie ADC 49 Maintenance Control
8 Groves, Janet AECS 52 Quality Assurance
9 Harnish, James ADCS 16, 51 Crew 4 FE
10 Haynes, Burl AMCS 10, 47 Crew1 FE FE’s Maintenance Training
11 Hough, Gilbert PCCM 6 Command Master Chief
12 Lauser, Paul AFCM 26, 47, 49 Crew 9 FE FE’s Maintenance Control
13 Mossor, Howard AMSC 49 Maintenance Control
14 Murdoch, Lynn AMCS 37 Human Services
15 Perrett, Robert AWC 26, 46 Crew 9 SS1 AW’s
16 Russell, Arthur AWC 14, 46 Crew 3 SS2 AW’s
17 Sanchez, Manuel ATC
18 Shaw, Gary AXC 62 AT’s
19 Smith, Paula YNC 34, 35 Admin
20 Spencer, Standlee ATC 51 Maintenance Training
1 Agnew, John AO2 30 Crew 11 ORD
2 Albright, Tony AN 64 Ordnance
3 Alston, Kelyn AN 53 Line
4 Amano, Jonathon AO2 64 Ordnance
5 Arbelo, Antonio AO2 59 1st LT
6 Archer, Rusty AK2 57 Material
7 Armstrong, Dennis AZ2 49 Maintenance Control
8 Arnold, Myron PR1 58 PR’s/AME’s
9 Atkinson, Patrick AT1 24 Crew 8 IFT
10 Baldado, Bimanthony AN 63 Tool Room
11 Baldwin, Anthony YN2 34, 35 Admin
12 Barkow, Raymond AWAN 10, 46 Crew1 SS2 AW’s
13 Barnes, Edwin AKAN
14 Baugh, Stephen PRAA 58 PR’s/AME’s
15 Beatty, Russell AD1 28, 47 Crew 10 FE FE’s
16 Berry, Elisa AME3 59 1st LT
17 Bigham AW2 28 Crew 10 SS3
18 Bitzelberger, Michael AW2 14, 46 Crew 3 SS3 AW’s
19 Bodnar, Dennis AWAN 30, 46 Crew 11 SS2 AW’s
20 Boggs, Robert AT2
21 Bomil, Victor AN
22 Bomkamp, Robert AKAN
23 Bracciodieta, Randy AT2 60 AIMD
24 Branch, Yolanda PN3 36 Personnel
25 Brandau, Dennis AW3 20, 46 Crew 6 SS2 AW’s
26 Brazell, Marilyn AD1 56 Power Plants
27 Breha, George AMS2 12 Crew 2 FE
28 Briggs, Robert AO2 12, 64 Crew 2 ORD Ordnance
29 Brillman, James AMS2 66 Airframes
30 Brink, John AMS3 66 Airframes
31 Browm, Charles NC1 38 Career Counselor
32 Bromn, Michael AZ2 52 Quality Assurance
33 Brunner, John AW3 12, 46 Crew 2 SS3 AW’s
34 Buchanan. Charles AW1 26, 44, 46 Crew 9 SS3 TACTICS AW’s
35 Buckley, Kenneth AX1 62 AT’s
36 Burkett, Brian AE2 60 AIMD
37 Burns, Gregory AWAN
38 Bush, Gary MSSN 59 1st LT
39 Camba, Robert AE2 61 AIMD
40 Cameron, Rod PN1 36 Personnel
41 Campbell, Daniel AW1 18. 43 Crew 5 SS2 OPS/SCHEDS
42 Cappella, William AD2 56 Power Plants
43 Carden, Michael AMS3 54 Phase/Corrosion
44 Carr, Susan AMS2 54 Phase/Corrosion
45 Carter, Timothy AE3 54 Phase/Corrosion
46 Cavanaugh, Scott AW2 12, 43 Crew 2 SS1 OPS/SCHEDS
47 Chapman, Ray AMH2
48 Chapman, Sara AMS2
49 Chavez, Daniel AME1 45 COMM/CMS
50 Chepko, James MS3
51 Chiado, Rocco AO3 22, 64 Crew 7 ORD Ordnance
52 Clark, Bryan AW2 18, 40, 46 Crew 5 SS1 Training AW’s
53 Clayton, Craig AT1 60 AIMD
54 Coffee, Paul AOAN 28, 64 Crew 10 ORD Ordnance
55 Cook, Neal AMS3
56 Cook, Robert AT1 10 Crew1 IFT
57 Corson, Benjamin AT1 52 Quality Assurance
58 Craig, John AOAN 18, 64 Crew 5 ORD Ordnance
59 Crook, Thomas AE1 14 Crew 3 FE
60 Cunningham, Michael AD3
61 Cusher, Jon AWAN 22, 46 Crew 7 SS2 AW’s
62 Cusick, Michael ISSA 44 AIO
63 Davis, Brent AMS2
64 Davis, Bruce AT1 45 COMM/CMS
65 Davis, Raymond AO3 64 Ordnance
66 Dean, Mark PR3 58 PR’s/AME’s
67 Despopoulos, Stephen AT2 62 AT’s
68 Dietrich, Bobby AME1 58 PR’s/AME’s
69 Diorio, Hoseph MS1 59 1st LT
70 Downs, Nicole ABH1
71 Doyle, Shawn AX2 62 AT’s
72 Duncan, David AD1 22, 47 Crew 7 FE FE’s
73 Durante, Kenneth AWAN 18, 46 Crew 5 SS2 AW’s
74 Eatmon-Ponciano, Lita AO2 59 1st LT
75 Edgington, Judith AKAN 57 Material
76 Fair, Charles AMS2 66 Airframes
77 Farnick, William AOAN 26, 64 Crew 9 ORD Ordnance
78 Feldman, Kenneth AWAN 16 Crew 4 SS2
79 Feuchtwanger, James AMEAN 58 PR’s/AME’s
80 Fidler, Shari AZ3 53 Line
81 Flinn, Brian AO2 10, 41 Crew1 ORD SAFETY/NATOPS
82 Foxx, Tsresha AZ3 50 Maintenance Admin
83 Frankiewicz, Edward AMS1
84 Friedeck, Daniel AMSAN 66 Airframes
85 Gari, Gilbert AN 33 Duty Office
86 Garrison, Sondra MS2 59 1st LT
87 Gascon, Richard AD1 56 Power Plants
88 Gaydos, William AW3 28 Crew 10 SS2
89 Gonsalves, Anthony AO2 16 Crew 4 ORD
90 Gooden, Angelique YNSA 35 Admin
91 Graham, William AO3
92 Grandas, Ronald AME3 58 PR’s/AME’s
93 Graves, John AK2 57 Material
94 Grayum, Ronald AW1 28, 46 Crew 10 SS1 AW’s
95 Green, Gail PN1 36 Personnel
96 Griffin, William AS1 53 Line
97 Grizzard, Monica PC3 59 1st LT
98 Gruwell, Denny AD1
99 Haleamau, Karl AO3 24, 64 Crew 8 ORD Ordnance
100 Hall, William AO1 64 Ordnance
101 Halsell, Johnnie AT3
102 Harrell, Sean AT2 60 AIMD
103 Heath, Cecil AD1 20, 47 Crew 6 FE FE’s
104 Heck, John PR1 58 PR’s/AME’s
105 Henderson, Paul ATAN 60 AIMD
106 Hermann, Brian AMS2 66 Airframes
107 Hicks, Michael AN 33 Duty Office
108 Hogan, Shaun AO2 20, 64 Crew 6 ORD Ordnance
109 Holley, Karen AT3
110 Homier, David AW2 16, 41, 46 SS3 Crew 4 SAFETY/NATOPS AW’s
111 Horst, James PH1 33, 37, 44, 95 Duty Office Public Affairs AIO
112 Hoyer, Melinda AZ2 49 Maintenance Control
113 Hudson, Rock AT3 IFT Crew 3
114 Hunter, Leonard YN2
115 Ignacio AD1 63 Tool Room
116 Jackson, Duane AE1 52 Quality Assurance
117 Jackson AMS3 66 Airframes
118 Javier, Samuel AD2 54 Phase/Corrosion
119 Jennings, Kevin AN 53 Line
120 Jensen, Brian PRAN
121 Jewell, Kevin AW3 20 Crew 6 SS3
122 Johnson, George AN 63 Tool Room
123 Johnson, Richard AW3 24, 46 Crew 8 SS2 AW’s
124 Jones, Cedric ATAN
125 Jones, Dana YN3 45 SMO
126 Jones, Richard AMS1 66 Airframes
127 Jordan, Redric AWAN 16, 46 Crew 4 SS3 AW’s
128 Kertiss, Kelley HN 39 Medical
129 Kieffer, Michael AW2 22, 43, 46 Crew 7 SS3 OPS/SCHEDS AW’s
130 Kinzer, Richard AD1 54 Phase/Corrosion
131 Kirchoff, Christopher AW3 16 Crew 4 SS2
132 Kish, Kevin AD1 30 Crew 11 FE
133 Kissel, Michael AMH2 14, 47 Crew 3 FE FE’s
134 Laguitan, Sunity AS1 53, 63 Line Tool Room
135 Lambdin AT2 22, 41 Crew 7 IFT SAFETY/NATOPS
136 Lamothe, Eric AD1 56 Power Plants
137 Lance, Lester AWAN 12, 46 Crew 2 SS2 AW’s
138 Land, Richard AX1 60 AIMD
139 Laslo, Keith AT3 30 Crew 11 IFT
140 Lawrence, Daniel AW3 30 Crew 11 SS3
141 Ledbetter, Michael AT3 60 AIMD
142 Lee, Creva AZ1 50 Maintenance Admin
143 Lee, Thomas AD2 56 Power Plants
144 Leece, Mark IS2 44 AIO
145 Letsch, Daniel AT2 54 Phase/Corrosion
146 Lewis, Donald AD2 54 Phase/Corrosion
147 Lewis, Roy AW2 10, 43, 46 Crew1 SS3 OPS/SCHEDS AW’s
148 Lohnes, Guy AT3 60 AIMD
149 Lopez, Ysela AE3
150 Lyons, Brian AE2 62 AE’s
151 Magtanong, Rodrigo AD1 52 Quality Assurance
152 Maham, Russell PR1 41, 45 SAFETY/NATOPS COMM/CMS
153 Manley, Doug AMH3 66 Airframes
154 Margetta, Kevin AO2
155 Mariage, James AWAN 18, 46 Crew 5 SS3 AW’s
156 Martinez, Anthony AT3 62 AT’s
157 Martinez, Carlos MS2 59 1st LT
158 Martinez, Guadalupe AMH3
159 Marty, Bradley AWAN 10, 46 Crew1 SS2 AW’s
160 Masecar, Brent AW2 22 Crew 7 SS3
161 Mayville, John AN
162 McGill, Charles AW1 24, 46 Crew 8 SS1 AW’s
163 McLean, Frank AMH1 54 Phase/Corrosion
164 McLean, Mark AR
165 McNeil, Marvin AMH3 66 Airframes
166 Melkonian, Michael AD2
167 Meraglio, Robert AW2 30, 46 Crew 11 SS1 AW’s
168 Miles, Terrence AO1 64 Ordnance
169 Miley, Andrew AMS3
170 Mitchell, Tracy AX3 62 AT’s
171 Moore, Jerry AX2 26, 62 Crew 9 IFT AT’s
172 Moore, William AWAN 26, 46 Crew 9 SS2 AW’s
173 Morgan, Robert AT3 62 AT’s
174 Morrill, James AME2 58 PR’s/AME’s
175 Moses, Issac HM3 39 Medical
176 Moulen, Rita AK1 57 Material
177 Nagel, Stephen AD3 53, 54 Line Phase/Corrosion
178 Nast, Bruce AME1 20, 41,47 Crew 6 FE SAFETY/NATOPS FE’s
179 Nendze, Joseph AN 59 1st LT
180 Nuemiller, Glenn AKAN 57 Material
181 Newton, Andrew AE1 62 AE’s
182 Newton, Kennetk AW1 16, 41 Crew 4 SS1 SAFETY/NATOPS
183 Noles, Janet AN 53 Line
184 Noonan, Ruth DK1 34 Admin
185 Norbeck, Maria PN2 36 Personnel
186 Norquist, Ernie PH2
187 Oldenberg, Rodney AD1 22, 52 Crew 7 FE Quality Assurance
188 Olson, Gary AW1 10, 46 Crew1 SS1 AW’s
189 Orcutt, James AT1 62 AT’s
190 Ortiz, Carmen AMH3 61 AIMD
191 Osborne, Mark AT2 62 AT’s
192 Padilla, Jose AN 59 1st LT
193 Pearson YN2 34 Admin
194 Pebsworth, Rodney AKAN
195 Penfold, David AW3 26 Crew 9 SS2
196 Peralta, Raleigh AD3 56 Power Plants
197 Perez, Benito AE1 10, 47, 62 Crew1 FE FE’s AE’s
198 Pierce, Carrie YN3 35 Admin
199 Pineda, Michael AD1 30, 47 Crew 11 FE FE’s
200 Plummer, Guy AMS1
201 Punciano, Patrick AO2
202 Price, James ADAN 63 Tool Room
203 Prince, Robert AWAN 28, 46 Crew 10 SS3 AW’s
204 Quiroga, Luis AE3 62 AE’s
205 Radomski, Craig AX2 12 Crew 2 IFT
206 Rawley, Juanita AD2 56 Power Plants
207 Redden, Van AT2 60 AIMD
208 Reeves, Mitchell AMS3 54 Phase/Corrosion
209 Reimer, Dennis AT3 28 Crew 10 IFT
210 Reyes, Noemi MS2 59 1st LT
211 Rezek AN 63 Tool Room
212 Rice, Ronald AW2 18, 43, 46 Crew 5 SS3 OPS/SCHEDS AW’s
213 Richardson, Michael AD2 56 Power Plants
214 Roberson, Darrell YNSN 43 OPS/SCHEDS
215 Rooker, Christopher ADAN
216 Rooney, Jon AX2 16 Crew 4 IFT
217 Ross, John AZ1 52 Quality Assurance
218 Rubert, Ryan AN
219 Salyer, Jeffrey AOAN 64 Ordnance
220 Santana, John AD3 54 Phase/Corrosion
221 Sattesahn, Kevin AN 53 Line
222 Schifsky, Anne AMS2 66 Airframes
223 Schoellkopf, Steven AME2 28, 47 Crew 10 FE FE’s
224 Schultz, Brian AN 59 1st LT
225 Schultz, Rickt AW2 14, 46 Crew 3 SS1 AW’s
226 Schultz, Robert YNSN 34, 45 Admin COMM/CMS
227 Schumm, Robert AT2 18 Crew 5 IFT
228 Scott AMS1 18 Crew 5 FE
229 Scott, Harvey AW1 24, 46 Crew 8 SS3 AW’s
230 Seeley, Dennis ADAN
231 Serrano, Edward AE3
232 Shoemaker PR3 58 PR’s/AME’s
233 Smith, Joel AT2 20 Crew 6 IFT
234 Smith, Wayne ADAN 56 Power Plants
235 South AW3 28, 46 Crew 10 SS2 AW’s
236 Stringer, Timothy AE1 12 Crew 2 FE
237 Struckman, Michael AW2 22, 44, 46 Crew 7 SS1 TACTICS AW’s
238 Swaby, Maurice AD3 56 Power Plants
239 Tabieros, Daniel AD2
240 Taylor, David AN 53 Line
241 Taylor, Jerry AE2
242 Taylor, Robert AMH1 24, 47 Crew 8 FE FE’s
243 Thaxton, Darrell AD2
244 Thomas, Bennie AE1 62 AE’s
245 Tilliach, Thomas AO1 14, 64 Crew 3 ORD Ordnance
246 Tillman, Terry AE1 18, 40, 47 Crew 5 FE Training FE’s
247 Tilson, Daniel AE1 16, 47 Crew 4 FE FE’s
248 Tran, John AE2
249 Tyskewicz, Donald MSSN
250 Urquhart, Benjamin AMEAN 58 PR’s/AME’s
251 Van Redden, Erskin AT2
252 Vazquez, Wanda AE3
253 Velasquez, Richard PNSN 36 Personnel
254 Vella, Charles AN
255 Visaya, Jaime DK3 34 Admin
256 Walker, Cheryl AN 49 Maintenance Control
257 Wallace, Orlando AMS3 61 AIMD
258 Walsh, Edward AD2 24, 47 Crew 8 FE FE’s
259 Walters, Keith AX2 60 AIMD
260 Weaver, Bonnie AK2 57 Material
261 Weaver, Christopher AD3 54 Phase/Corrosion
262 Weidman, Randall PH2 33, 44 Duty Office AIO
263 West, Floyd AZ1 49 Maintenance Control
264 Westling, Carol AMS3 54 Phase/Corrosion
265 White, Charles AEAN 54 Phase/Corrosion
266 Wilkinson, Keith PN2 36 Personnel
267 Williams, Daron ADAN
268 Williams, Frederick AW2 20, 46 Crew 6 SS1 AW’s
269 Williams, Linda AMS1 52 Quality Assurance
270 Wood, Steven AT3 62 AT’s
271 Wunder, Keith AWAN 14, 46 Crew 3 SS2 AW’s
272 Wyman, Jeffrey AO3 53, 64 Line Ordnance
273 Yaskovic, Joseph AN 53 Line
274 Zettek, James AMH2 18, 47 Crew 5 FE FE’s
275 Zewinski, Christopher AN
276 Zorn, Francis AW3 14, 46 Crew 3 SS3 AW’s

Reunion photo booth review

My wife & I had a great time at the reunion dinner Saturday night. If you enjoyed our photo booth and would not mind sharing your experience with others, please give us a Google review.

Thanks In Advance,
Mike & Virginia Richardson
VP4 Powerplants Shop 1985-1988


Southern Maryland Entertainment
23415 Three Notch Road
Suite 2008-152
Twitter: @somdphotobooth
Instagram: @somdentertainment

Message from the Chair, VP-4 Association Board of Directors.

VP-4 Shipmates
I address you on behalf of the VP-4 Association Board of Directors in regards to the 2017 Association reunion in Washington DC. In planning and preparation for this reunion, we used historical attendance from previous events results from the July 2016 survey, as well as communicating directly with the Board.
We are reaching a critical juncture at this point, not only in the success of this years reunion, but any future reunions, as the smaller number of attendees, will be making decisions for future reunions, and the attendance, as it stands now, will have a great impact on future events. Because of our small committed response, there will be a serious impact on the treasury. Please see if it is not too late for you to include us in your plans. This is where our next and future reunions will be planned/determined.

If you are not registered on the reunion website at please register soon. For those of you that have registered, I look forward to seeing you in August.

Thank you,
Michael B. Adams
Chair, VP-4 Association Board of Directors

Last of the Orions are leaving Hawaii

As first reported by Hawaii News Now  on Monday, February 27th, 2017, 7:05 pm PST
Original Article with video and pictures posted HERE

Article By Jim Mendoza, Reporter

KALAELOA (HawaiiNewsNow) –
After more than 50 years in Hawaii, a fleet of planes that were once considered workhorses for naval surveillance operations will soon be flown for the final time over the islands.

Starting in 1964, dozens of P-3 Orion aircraft were stationed across Oahu, first at Barbers Point and then at the Kaneohe Marine base.

“It did a number of missions,” said retired Navy flight engineer Doug Gillette. “From anti-submarine warfare, shipping surveillance, sea and air rescue, VIP runs.”

In addition to its surveillance duties, the aircraft also carried weapons. Gillette, for example, spent 24 years flying on the [turboprop] planes, including combat missions over Vietnam and in the first Gulf War.

During the Cold War, P-3’s scoured the oceans for Soviet subs.

“Besides the submarines out of Pearl Harbor and destroyers looking for them, P-3 Orion guys were out there looking for them as well,” said Brad Sekigawa, a historian at the Naval Air Museum Barbers Point.

Despite their storied history, the Navy says it is phasing out Orions for a more modern jet aircraft.

“Parts will be sold to foreign nations that still operate the P-3, and the rest will probably be mothballed and then probably later scrapped,” Sekigawa said.

At their peak, there were about 50 P-3’s stationed in Hawaii. A year ago, 1,000 personnel were attached to Hawaii’s remaining three P-3 squadrons.

The last squadron leaves Thursday[2 Mar 2017], taking 300 sailors and the final four Orion aircraft with it.

“It is sad because when you talk about availability and what it can do, it’s a great airplane,” Gillette said.

“It did its job very well,” Sekigawa added.

After the Navy’s P-3 Orions leave Hawaii for the last time you’ll still be able to see the planes. Two decommissioned P-3s are already on display at Barber’s Point Naval Air museum.

To view more photos of the P-3 Orion fleet on your mobile device, click here.

Copyright 2017 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

Passing of VP-4 Vet YN2 Leland R. Glasscock VP-4 1982 – 1985

glasscock-leland-r-2 YN2 Leland R. Glasscock VP-4 1982 – 1985

Leland Randall Glasscock of Mountain View, Missouri was born November 28, 1962 in Catania, Italy and went to be with the Lord, Tuesday, November 22, 2016, at his home in Mountain View. He was the son of Leland Rosco and Ruby Christine (Mullenax) Glasscock, who precede him in death.

He was united in marriage to Thresa Ann Moores on May 8, 1985, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Two children were born to this union, Leland Andrew and Christine Lynn.

He is survived by his wife, Thresa Ann; one son, Leland Andrew Glasscock and wife, Chelsea, of Mountain View; one daughter, Christine Lynn Kimbrough and husband, Cody, of Birch Tree, Missouri; one brother, Steve Glasscock of Washington; and one grandson, Remington Duke Kimbrough, on the way.

Leland grew up in Alabama, where he entered service in the U.S. Navy in 1982. After serving his country for five years, he was honorably discharged having received the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with two Bronze Stars.

Leland was a Boy Scout Leader for his son’s troop and was a member of the Masonic Lodge #637. He was currently the manager of RNR Tire Express in West Plains, Missouri. He loved just about anything that had to do with the outdoors including golfing, camping, and woodworking.

A visitation will be held on Friday, November 25, 2016 from 6:00-7:00 p.m. at Yarber Mortuary, Mountain View. Masonic funeral services will be held at 7:00 p.m. Memorials may be made Masonic Lodge #637. Condolences may be expressed at

Passing of VP-4 Vet AEC Emmette R. Zimmerman Jr. VP-4 1979 – 1981

zimmerman-emmetteEmmette Zimmerman Jr. was an AE1 Flight Engineer flying with Crew 8 during the 1979 – 1980 VP-4 deployment.

Emmette Ray Zimmerman, Jr. (Zeke), age 73, passed away November 11, 2016. He was born on July 2, 1943 to Emmette R. Zimmerman Sr. and Mary B. Zimmerman in Salisbury, NC. He was raised in North Carolina. He graduated from James A. Gray High School in 1960. He served in the U. S. Navy from 1960-1987. He was ranked as an E7, received the National Defense Medal, Good Conduct Medal and Vietnam Service Medal.

He was married to his wife of 35 years on April 25, 1981. He enjoyed participation in good times and fishing.

Emmette Ray Zimmerman, Jr. is preceded in death by: his father, Emmette Ray Zimmerman, Sr.; mother, Mary Mina Zimmerman; sister, Judy Z. Byerly. He is survived by: his wife, Felicitas Frago Zimmerman; siblings, Brenda Z. Leonard, Sherry Zimmerman, Debbie Z. Tant, Ronald Zimmerman and Benny Zimmerman; grandchildren, Jacqueline, Alexandra and Scott. He is also survived by his pets Keisha and Nache Zimmerman.

Visitation will be held from 6:00-9:00PM, Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at Seaside Funeral Home Chapel. A Funeral Service will be held at 11:30AM, Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at Seaside Funeral Home Chapel. Interment will follow at Coastal Bend Veterans Memorial Cemetery.!/TributeWall

zimmerman-emmette-2 zimmerman-emmette-3

Patrol Squadron FOUR Returns from Aloha Deployment

WHIDBEY ISLAND, Washington – The first wave of “Skinny” Dragons from Patrol Squadron (VP) 4 returned home Thursday, Sept. 1 from a demanding, yet highly successful trisite deployment.

For the first time since 1964, that return home was not made to Hawaii, but instead to Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island.

In the midst of deployment, the Skinny Dragons executed a permanent duty station change (PDSC) from Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii to Whidbey Island, Wash., with many families moving in advance of the squadron’s return. Despite the challenges that come with executing a move, VP-4 personnel committed each day to ensuring that their last P-3C Orion deployment was a resounding success.

The VP-4 “P-3 Sundown” or “Aloha Deployment” as it became known, involved the Skinny Dragons operating out of 12 different countries in three vastly diverse areas of responsibility (AORs). In fact, on June 13 VP-4 launched six P-3C aircraft from five different detachment sites to six different missions within 24 hours.

According to Cmdr. Christopher Smith, VP-4’s commanding officer, the commitment from aircrew, maintenance and support personnel were astounding throughout the entire deployment.

“The Skinny Dragons are finishing a very successful deployment that saw us deployed to several locations around the world. This deployment was a significant milestone for our squadron as 2016 marks 50 years of flying the P-3C Orion for Patrol Squadron 4,” remarked Smith. “This summer was a great opportunity to honor the fine heritage of our squadron and the history of the mighty P-3C Orion.”

Those already in Whidbey Island eagerly await the arrival of the rest of their squadron who will trickle home in waves over the next two weeks.

Smith commented that it is certainly bittersweet to leave the island paradise of Oahu, but the Skinny Dragons are excited for the move to the Pacific Northwest and are enthusiastic to join Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing (CPRW) 10. In addition, he added that the local community and sponsors from CPRW- 10 have been instrumental and the PDSC undoubtedly would not have been possible without their help.

“VP-4 is extremely excited to join the Whidbey Team and we have been welcomed with open arms at every step of our transition,” expressed Smith. “The local community, on and off base, has been aware of our arrival for over a year and has continuously worked to make our transition a seamless one. I am overwhelmed with the support we have been given and I am very grateful.”

The next step for VP-4 is a transition from the P-3C Orion to the P-8A Poseidon. As the first of the three Hawaii-based Orion squadrons to transition, VP-4 is focused on a successful integration into CPRW-10 and continues their standard of excellence in maritime aviation throughout the transition.

The Skinny Dragons will begin the first portion of P-8A training in October with the “Pro’s Nest” of Patrol Squadron (VP) 30, the U.S. Navy’s Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS), who will provide a detachment of personnel to NAS Whidbey Island. After the New Year, VP-4 personnel will travel to the FRS in Jacksonville, Florida to complete the rest of their training.

Thankful for the support of CPRW-10 and the Whidbey Island community, VP-4 looks forward to bringing the Aloha spirit to the Pacific Northwest and their next chapter in maritime aviation.
By LTJG Matthew Johnston, VP-4 Public Affairs

Original  article with images is located here:


Help bring back rating titles

Hello shipmates!

As you may be aware the SECNAV has ordered the removal of all of then 91 enlisted ratings titles. This means that sailors will no longer be identified by their job title, say, Aviation Ordnanceman 1st Class Joe Sailor, effective immediately. Instead, that would be Petty Officer 1st Class Joe Sailor.

Sailors past and present have longstanding and deep love of the titles that have defined their Navy lives. All of these now belong to the history books, but you can do something to help possibly change that.

Follow this link to sign a White House petition that asks the President to restore or at least comment on this horrible plan: 

Please share this with every sailor you know and help push the petition 100,000 votes before October 31st 2016.

Links to articles about the new rule from SECNAV:

And finally I think personally think this plan would have been much better in the long run:


Thanks for taking the time to read this, share this, and for signing the petition.

Aviation Ordnanceman Third Class Chad Derrington

Passing of VP-4 Vet AWCM Donald C. Hoosier USN (Ret) VP-4 1973 – 1976

hoosier-donald-c-2Donald Carl Hoosier, 71, passed away April 24, 2016, in San Jose, California. Don was born in Ohio and went to first and second grades in Sterling, moving to Tucson, Arizona, where he was raised. After high school graduation the family moved back to Ohio. Shortly afterward he enlisted in the Navy to pursue his interest in technology.

A U.S. Navy veteran of the Vietnam War, Don retired as a master chief petty officer after proudly serving twenty-two years. His Navy career took him around the world, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Diego Garcia, Adak, Alaska and Hawaii. In his civilian life he was a systems engineer, avid gardener, 10k race runner, indoor arena football fan (San Jose Sabercats), and loved spending time with his grandchildren.

Surviving are daughters, Donnalyn (Craig) Zarzeczny and two grandchildren, and Jessica Hoosier, of San Jose, California; his mother, Ruth Hoosier of Sterling; a brother, Tom (Kathy) Hoosier of Anchorage, Alaska; and his former spouse, Linda Hoosier of San Jose, California.

He was preceded in death by his father, Carl Hoosier.

Private burial service will be in San Joaquin National Cemetery.

Published in the Daily Record.


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VP-4 Vets meetup at the US Navy Seabee Museum

VP-4 Vets meet at Naval Base Ventura County

Photo of L to R
John W. Betts CWO4 (USN Ret.) VP-4 1960-61
Harlan R. Rentfrow AWCM (USN Ret.) VP-4 1958-60 & 1962-64
Stephen A. Andruszkewicz AX-1 VP-4 1961-63
Capt. Chris D. Janke C.O. Naval Base Ventura County, CA VP-4 2003-04
Mrs. Mary Rentfrow ETC (USN Ret.)
William K. Bracken AWCM (USN Ret.) VP-4 1960-62 & 1969-74

Some VP-4 vets got together for an informal meeting 17 Sept. 2016 at the US Navy Seabee Museum, Port Hueneme, CA located just outside the Main Gate of US Naval Base Ventura County, CA

A brief but enjoyable meeting, swapped a few sea stories and most importantly established a connection with Capt. Janke.

Submitted by:
Steve “Andy” Andruszkewicz
VP-4 1961-63

Updated membership form for 2016/2017

Hello folks,

Please take a few moment to download the updated Membership form from this page: Membership Form This helps keep the VP-4 Veterans Association alive and kicking.



P.S.  If anyone one has the skills to turn the membership form into a fillable PDF document, please let me know.


Thank you,

Chad Derrington

VP-4 Returns Home to NAS Whidbey Island

Patrol Squadron FOUR returns from Aloha Deployment
LTJG Matthew Johnston

The first wave of Skinny Dragons from Patrol Squadron (VP) FOUR returned home Thursday from a demanding, yet highly successful tri-site deployment. For the first time since 1964, that return home was not made to Hawaii, but instead to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. In the midst of deployment, the Skinny Dragons executed a permanent duty station change (PDSC) to Whidbey Island with many families moving in advance of the squadron’s return – a stressor that certainly guaranteed the deployment was anything but mundane. Despite these factors, VP-4 personnel committed each day to ensuring that their last P-3C Orion deployment was a resounding success.

The VP-4 ”P-3 Sundown,” or ‘Aloha Deployment’ as it became known, saw the Skinny Dragons operate out of twelve different countries in three vastly diverse Areas of Responsibility (AOR’s). In fact, during one 24-hour period on June 13th, VP-4 launched six P-3C aircraft in five different detachment sites on six different missions. The commitment from aircrew, maintenance, and support personnel alike was astounding throughout the entire deployment. “The Skinny Dragons are finishing a very successful deployment that saw us deployed to several locations around the world. This deployment was a significant milestone for our squadron as 2016 marks 50 years of flying the P-3C Orion for Patrol Squadron FOUR,” remarked VP-4 Commanding Officer, Cdr. Christopher Smith. “This summer was a great opportunity to honor the fine heritage of our squadron and the storied history of the mighty P-3C Orion.” Those already in Whidbey Island eagerly await the arrival of the rest of their squadron who will trickle home in waves over the next two weeks.

While certainly bittersweet to leave the island paradise of Oahu, the Skinny Dragons are excited for the move to the Pacific Northwest and are enthusiastic to join Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing TEN (CPRW-10). The local community and sponsors from CPRW-10 have been instrumental and the PDSC undoubtedly would not have been possible without their help. “VP-4 is extremely excited to join the Whidbey Team and we have been welcomed with open arms at every step of our transition,” expressed Cdr. Smith. “The local community, on and off base, has been aware of our arrival for over a year and has continuously worked to make our transition a seamless one. I am overwhelmed with the support we have been given and I am very grateful.”

The next step for Patrol Squadron FOUR is a transition from the P-3C Orion to the P-8A Poseidon. The first of the three Hawaii based Orion squadrons to transition, VP-4 is focused on a successful integration into CPRW-10 and continuing their standard of excellence in maritime aviation throughout the transition.

The Skinny Dragons will take some much needed time to rest and relax with families before picking back up in October for the transition. For the first portion of P-8A training, VP-30, the P-3/P-8 Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS), will provide a detachment of personnel to NAS Whidbey Island. After the New Year, VP-4 personnel will travel to the FRS in Jacksonville, Florida to complete the rest of their training.

Thankful for the support of CPRW-10 and the Whidbey Island community, Patrol Squadron FOUR looks forward to bringing the Aloha spirit to the Pacific Northwest and their next chapter in maritime aviation.

Passing of VP-4 Vet Billy D. Fritts ADR2 VP-4 1959 – 1962

Sorry to have to pass along this sad news from Dee Perry, Billy’s daughter.

I am very, very saddened to tell you that my sweet and special Daddy passed away this morning at 0730, shortly after I told him I loved him and that it was okay to go be with Mom.  It has been a tough week and even tougher few days.  We made it to his hometown last week and once that was done, his situation declined at warp speed.  He did not suffer much and for that I am eternally grateful.  It is still a bit surreal.  Below is the link to the Obituary.  I will be giving the eulogy at the funeral on Thursday.  I plan to wear Daddy’s “birddog” cap, military ribbons and naval pin during visitation.  Daddy will have full military honors at the cemetery.  I thank you all for what VP-4 has meant to Dad and Mom and then myself.  I am a VP-4 Brat FOREVER! 
Eulogy for Billy Dale Fritts 
Billy Dale Fritts
September 8, 1935 – August 14, 2016
Fritts, Billy D.Billy Dale Fritts, age 80, of Carrollton, Georgia, joined his beloved wife in heaven on August 14, 2016. Billy was born on September 8, 1935 in Eldorado, Illinois to Geraldine Faught Fritts and William Fritts. He was preceded in death by the love of his life, Raenell Williamson Fritts, his parents, three sisters and two brothers. He is survived by his daughters and sons-in-law, Denise and Randy Perry and Christy and Timothy Hawk; grandchildren Taylor Perry, Ian, Lane and Grayson Marks, and Haley Hawk; brother-in-law Bill Lawrence of Evansville, Indiana; sisters-in-law June Watson of Hiawasee and Linda Sullivan of Carrollton and numerous nieces and nephews. Bill also leaves many friends including the Breakfast Crew at Hardee’s, the Roopville High School Class of 1957, former co-workers of Southwire, lifelong friends Velma Jay, Donnie Irvin, George Bruner and Doyle Smith and fellow squadron mates of U.S. Naval Squadron VP-4 (1959 – 63). Born in Eldorado, Illinois and raised in Evansville, Indiana, Bill served 20 years in the U.S. Military, first with the Navy and then in the Air Force, serving one tour of duty in Vietnam in the mid 1960’s. He thrived in the service of his country and kept in touch with fellow service men, especially those with whom he served in U.S. Naval Squadron VP-4. After his last tour in Montgomery, Alabama in 1976, he began work at Southwire in machine maintenance, retiring in 2001. Bill loved history, baseball, westerns, reading his newspapers every day and his grandchildren. He was a member of the First Christian Church in Carrollton. In his younger days he enjoyed quail hunting with his father-in-law, Raymond Williamson and eating fried apple pies made by his mother-in-law, Bessie Williamson. Reading newspapers every day made him a trivia expert on many subjects – clipping articles that he knew others would enjoy. He also kept abreast of changes and news in the military community. Always available to help someone with a project or moving, he enjoyed being around people. He will be missed by many. A celebration of the life of Billy Dale Fritts will be conducted on Thursday, August 18, 2016, at First Christian Church of Carrollton conducted by Barry Shoemake and Jon Day. Visitation with the family will be at Martin & Hightower Funeral Home on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 from 12:00 Noon until 3:00 PM and from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM. Interment will be at conducted by Anthony Puckett at Carroll Memory Gardens immediately following the celebration of life. The family would like to thank Wilson and Myra Knott, Elton and Virginia Lyle, Randall and Mary Ellen Wilson, Jerry and Joyce Latimer, Dwight and Peggy Riley, Buck and Karen Morton, B and Jean Daniel, Jack and Barbara Harris, and Anthony Puckett, who will serve as pallbearers and honorary pallbearers. A profound sense of gratitude is extended to Martin & Hightower Funeral Home for their sincere care of the family during a difficult time. Messages of condolence may be sent to the family at Martin & Hightower Heritage Chapel has charge of the arrangements.

Passing of VP-4 Vet AMSC Steven L. Latterner USNR (Ret) VP-4 1966 – 1969

Steven Latterner flew as 2nd Mech on Crew 5 and then as Flight Engineer on Crew 12.  His ground duties included work in the Airframes Shop.


Latterner, Steven L.Steven Lavalle Latterner, age 69, passed away unexpectedly on June 22nd, 2016, in Largo, Florida. He was born in Excelsior, Minnesota, and moved to the St. Petersburg, Florida, area in 2000 with his wife, Kaie. During his career, Steve was in sales management in the automotive paint and software industries and joined Kaie’s company, TEC, in 1997 to grow their business. He was also a Navy Chief, proudly serving our country for 23 years in his beloved P3 Orion submarine patrol aircraft: four years of active duty during the Vietnam War era and then as a reservist for 19 years out of the Navy base at Glenview, IL. Steve was also a member of the VFW and Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Seminole, Florida. Steve loved boating, woodworking and traveling to relax.
Steve battled a total of five cancers over a 19-1/2 year period more bravely than anyone could have ever expected or anticipated. And he did so while never, ever, ever complaining or feeling sorry for himself. When asked how he was feeling or doing, Steve’s answer was always a firm “I’m fine” no matter how many challenges he was facing at the moment. While having a chemotherapy infusion on June 22nd, he suddenly told Kaie that he felt “really, really weird” and within just a few minutes, we lost him. Some type of catastrophic event, such as a pulmonary embolism or cardiac arrest, took him from us, and even after a long CPR effort, they could not bring him back. We are devastated over this loss, but we know that he is in heaven with God. We are thankful that he is no longer suffering.
Steve was known and loved for his positive can-do attitude, his incredible eyes and smile, his gentleness and patience, his generosity and kindness, his clever sense of humor, and most of all his loving and caring ways. He was a hard worker all his life, which he accomplished with the highest level of ethics, morals and honesty. His love and dedication to Kaie and their marriage was beyond anything that could be expressed in mere words.
Steve was preceded in death by: his father, Donald O. Latterner; his mother, Leona (Koehnen) Latterner; and his sister, Carol Hazelton. He is survived by his wife, Kaie (Pohi); his son, Bret Latterner; his grandson, Anthony Kuempel; his brother, John Latterner (Karen Carsick); his sister, Betty Vinkemeier (Jim) and many wonderful nieces, nephews and cousins.
In lieu of flowers, Kaie has started a foundation to memorialize Steve and his valiant fight against the monster we call cancer: The Steven L. Latterner Memorial Foundation, at Wells Fargo Bank. With monies that she collects and raises for the foundation, Kaie will keep Steve’s legacy alive to help others to be brave and stay as healthy and positive as possible while fighting this horrid disease. Although only in the initial planning phase for but a few days, likely goals are for the funds to provide inspirational messages and signs in chemotherapy and clinical trial facilities, to provide education and information on the importance of strong patient advocacy, and to supply cancer patients with a wide variety of helpful and motivational products and activities that are so needed during these unbelievably stressful times. We are thinking of calling the foundation “Steve cares…” Any and all ideas and suggestions will be heartwarmingly welcomed. Donations in Steve’s memory can be made out to The Steven L. Latterner Memorial Foundation and mailed to our home address. (Please contact Kaie for further details.) You can also make a donation at your local Wells Fargo Bank by asking them to process a donation to a registered Wells Fargo memorial account. (The account was setup by Nakita Vizena at the Redington Shores FL branch.)
There will be two memorial services for Steve: one in Florida and one in Minnesota. The one in Florida will be at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd located at 10891 102nd Avenue North, Seminole, FL (727-391-4644) on Saturday, July 23 at 2:00 P.M. The memorial in Minnesota will be sometime during the first half of August but has not been arranged yet. This website will be updated with the appropriate information as soon as we have a time and place.
We are beyond moved and overwhelmed by all the love, support, cards, calls, flowers, FB posts and messages that we have received since Steve’s passing. We are eternally grateful to all of our friends and family.


Latterner, Steven L. 3. Latterner, Steven L. 2 .

Larry Hames
VP-4 1975 – 1978
VP-4 Veterans Assn Database Manager


By LTJG Matthew Johnston
Patrol Squadron (VP) FOUR participated in the NATO Exercise BALTOPS 16 from 3-18 June. BALTOPS is an annually occurring exercise that is designed to enhance interoperability and demonstrate the ability of partner and allied nations to defend the Baltic region. The Skinny Dragons of VP-4 deployed two Combat Aircrews, 18 aircraft maintenance professionals, and one P-3C Orion to Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany and established Task Group (CTG) 67.2. Joining the Skinny Dragons as members of CTG 67.2 was a P-8A Poseidon from VP-26, a P-3C from VP-62, and numerous aircraft maintainers from both squadrons. Combat Aircrew Seven (VP-4) also flew one mission out of Lielvārde Air Base, Latvia.
CTG 67.2 aircraft flew 18 missions during the exercise, totally over 67 hours of on station training with NATO and partner forces. The Poseidon and Orion crews flew a diverse set of missions but their primary focus was Anti-submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti-surface Warfare. The aircrews honed their ASW skills working with three submarines and over 40 surface combatants. The well trained NATO submarine crews and challenging environmental conditions in the Baltic Sea created excellent training opportunities for the P-3C and P-8A aircrews.
“BALTOPS provided our entire team a fantastic training opportunity. The dynamic mission scenarios challenged us and we are now better prepared for combined operations with our NATO allies and partners” remarked Combat Aircrew Ten Mission Commander and Detachment Officer-in-Charge, LCDR Brian Blaschke. “Additionally, a key to our success was our hard working and talented aircraft maintainers; they put our aircrews in a mission ready aircraft every time, on time.”
The Skinny Dragons of VP-4 worked tirelessly to support BALTOPS 16 and are extremely grateful for the opportunity to train with such talented NATO forces and build interoperability. VP-4 looks forward to future operations with NATO allies and partners as we exercise our mutual commitment to Baltic Security.
Quick Facts:

  • BALTOPS is an annually recurring multinational exercise designed to enhance flexibility and interoperability, as well as demonstrate resolve of allied and partner forces to defend the Baltic region. This is the 44th year of the exercise.
  • One P-3C Orion aircraft and two aircrews from the “Skinny Dragons” of VP-4 were assigned to participate in BALTOPS 2016. The crews flew Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti-Surface Warfare (ASUW) operations.
  • One P-3C from VP-62 and one P-8A Poseidon from VP-26 also participated in the exercise.
  • Combined Task Group (CTG) 67.2 was formed for the exercise and is comprised of 92 Sailors from three squadrons. CTG 67.2 was commanded by VP-4 Commanding Officer, Cdr. Christopher Smith.

A Skinny Dragon Kind of Day

By: CDR Chris Smith, Commanding Officer, Patrol Squadron FOUR

Over the course of one 24 hour period from the 13th through the 14th of June, the Skinny Dragons of Patrol Squadron FOUR (VP-4) did something amazing; they launched six different aircraft spread across five different locations around the world on six very different missions.

ELSALIn Comalapa, El Salvador, the 70 person detachment launched their 35th counter-drug mission of the deployment. The men and women of this detachment work closely with several other units of the Joint Interagency Task Force, South (JIATF-S) to stop the distribution and sale of illegal drugs. Money from the sale of these drugs is often used to support international terrorist organizations and the efforts of JIATF-S have a direct and meaningful impact on national defense. To date, VP-4 has contributed to 21 busts totaling 19,808 kilos of illegal drugs with a street value of over $501,170,000.

DJVP-4 also has a permanent detachment stationed in Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti. This team of Skinny Dragons operates in the sweltering heat of Africa to fly overland intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions in support of counter-terrorism efforts in the Horn of Africa. Their flight on this day represented VP-4’s presence on a third continent and demonstrates the P-3C’s ability to operate in extreme conditions.

Simultaneously, VP-4 participated in Exercise BALTOPS 2016 from Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. With one aircraft, two aircrews, and 18 maintenance professionals, the detachment is a small part of the large multinational maritime exercise. BALTOPS 2016 included approximately 6,100 maritime, ground, and air force troops from 17 participating nations. The exercise is designed to allow the participants to hone their maritime interdiction, anti-submarine warfare, amphibious operations, and air defense tactics, techniques, and procedures in a combined and joint environment. On this particular day, Combat Aircrew TEN conducted an anti-submarine warfare flight demonstrating the primary mission area of the P-3C Orion.

ROTAOperating out of Naval Air Station Rota, Spain, Combat Aircrew FIVE supported by several maintenance professionals provided airborne support for the USS Eisenhower as she made her way into the Mediterranean Sea. This kind of support to a Carrier Strike Group is another critical mission of the P-3C. An airborne P-3C gives the Strike Group Commander visibility on threats beyond his horizon and the ability to destroy those threats if the need arises.

SIGONELLA, Sicily (May 19, 2016) A P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft from Patrol Squadron (VP) Four taxis at Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily in preparation to take off in support of the search for Egyptair flight MS804. The U.S. Navy is providing a P-3 Orion in support of the Hellenic Armed Forces, the Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Greece, in response to a request by the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece for assistance in the search of the missing Egyptian aircraft. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Tony D. Curtis/Released)

SIGONELLA, Sicily (May 19, 2016) A P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft from Patrol Squadron (VP) Four taxis at Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily in preparation to take off in support of the search for Egyptair flight MS804. The U.S. Navy is providing a P-3 Orion in support of the Hellenic Armed Forces, the Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Greece, in response to a request by the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece for assistance in the search of the missing Egyptian aircraft. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass
Communication Specialist 1st Class Tony D. Curtis/Released)

In a rare feat, VP-4 provided support to a second Carrier Strike Group on the same day. Flying out of NAS Sigonella, Italy, Combat Aircrew EIGHT flew in support of the USS Truman as she conducted operations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Even in the face of all these rigorous operational demands, the Skinny Dragons of VP-4 made time to continue training for tomorrow’s fight as well. The vision of VP-4 is to “Do right to fight, today and tomorrow”. To do that, the most experienced Sailors of this squadron must pass on the lessons they have learned to the next generation of warriors. On this day, the squadron also executed an important Pilot Training Flight to ensure that the long line of outstanding Skinny Dragon Aviators continues into the future.

Days like this are not unique to this squadron or this moment in history. Days like this represent any given day in the long and venerable history of the mighty P-3C Orion and the entire Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Community.

Skinny Dragons… Breathe Fire.

Passing of VP-4 Vet ATC John W. Robertson USN (Ret) VP-4 1966 – 1968

Ray Frazer, (VP-4 66-69), sent me the sad news of the passing of another Skinny Dragon.

John W. Robertson, ATC, passed at 11:50 AM. June 3, 2016 at the age of 79. CPO Robertson and his wife would have celebrated their 56th Anniversary on June 11, 2016.

While a member of VP-4 John was assigned to AMD Department at Barbers Point, HI and IMA in MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. Photo is from the 1967 cruise book.


Robertson, John W. 2 Robertson, John WJohn William Robertson, 79, of Olney, died Friday, June 3, 2016, at his residence.
Graveside services with full military rites were held at 10 a.m. Monday, June 6 in Haven Hill Memorial Garden. Kistler-Patterson Funeral Home in Olney was in charge of arrangements.
Mr. Robertson was born March 22, 1937, in Indianapolis, the son of Ray and Kathryn (Ziegner) Robertson. He married Priscilla Robertson on June 11, 1960, in Imperial Valley, Calif. She survives.
John was a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era. Once he retired, he was employed at West Salem Champion Laboratories for 10 years. He was a member of American Legion in Olney. John enjoyed fishing, operating a ham radio, and woodworking. He took pleasure in camping and photography. John loved spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren.
Mr. Robertson is survived by his wife of nearly 57 years, Priscilla Robertson, of Olney; daughter, Ginger Thoms and husband Mark, of Olney; son, Ray Robertson and wife Isabel, of Olney; son, Kevin Robertson and wife Marna, of Mancelona, Mich.; grandchildren, Nathan, Mandy, and Nick, Heather, Terri, Ale, and Becky, and Angus and Caleb; great-grandchildren, Jaiden, Brody, Madison, and Emily; nephew, Mike Myers; and niece, Stacey Sims.
He was preceded in death by his parents, and sister, Judy Myers.

Online condolences may be left at

Cards may be sent to:

Mrs. Priscilla Robertson
600 South Baltimore Street
Olney, IL 62450-1750

Larry Hames
VP-4 1975 – 1978
VP-4 Veterans Assn Database Manager

Passing of VP-4 Vet John Allen Dodd AECS USN (Ret) VP-4 1980 – 1983

In Memory of
John A Dodd
July 23, 1947 – May 25, 2016

Dodd, John A. 1 Dodd, John A. 2 Dodd, John A. 3


Senior Chief John Allen Dodd II, US Navy Retired died Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at St. Francis Hospital. Graveside funeral services with military honors will be held 11:00 A.M. Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at Riverdale Cemetery, according to Striffler-Hamby, Phenix City, AL. The family will receive friends Monday evening from 3:00 P.M. until 5:00 P.M. at the funeral home.
Mr. Dodd was born July 23, 1947 in Bethesda, Maryland; son of the late John Allen Dodd, Sr. and Patricia Murphy Dodd. He was retired from the U.S. Navy with 20 years of service and was later retired from IIG Insulation Group with 20 years of service. Mr. Dodd was a member of Central Baptist Church in Phenix City and a member of the Wilson-Williams Masonic Lodge 351. Other than his parents, he was preceded in death by his sister, Patricia Greathouse and her husband, Robert Greathouse.
Survivors include his wife of 47 years, Elaine Pearrow Dodd of Phenix City, AL, son; John Allen Dodd, III and his wife, Kristy Ann Dodd of Salem, AL, daughter; Heather Dodd Harris and her husband, Chad Harris of Marietta, GA, sister; Barbara Dodd Galloway and her husband, Morris of Canton, GA, grandchildren; Britny Carter (Anthony), Haley Lynn Dodd, Hannah Nichole Dodd, Brenden Chase Harris, Braxton Cooper Harris, great grandchildren; Sebastian Carter, Kaleb Winslow, Hayden McVay and Rachel Carter.

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