MK 52

The Mine Mk 50 series includes the MK 52, a 1000-pound aircraft-laid bottom mine containing an explosive charge of 625 pounds of HBX-1. The MK 52 is an influence mine specifically designed to actuate on submarine signatures, although it is also equally effective against most surface ship signatures.

In addition to using identical mine cases, all mods of the Mk 52 have removable instrument racks, a feature which makes it possible to assemble wire, test, and store "ready" firing-component assemblies remote from the explosive-loaded mine case and from other explosives. Moreover, cables are color-coded and molded, and firing components are color-coded and modular. This not only makes assembly virtually foolproof but, through such ready interchangeability, it also means that each Mk 52 mine can be assembled to any of several mods, providing any desired combination of influence type actuation. These modular components are the same ones that are used in the Mk 55 mines.

Mod 1
employs an acoustic firing mechanism.
Mod 2
employs a magnetic firing mechanism, efficient over a wide range of planting depths.
Mod 3
employs a combination of pressure and magnetic firing mechanisms.
Mod 4
(not used).
Mod 5
employs acoustic and magnetic firing mechanisms.
Mod 6
combines all three influence type firing mechanisms: acoustic, pressure, and magnetic, making it difficult to sweep.
Mod 11
employs either magnetic or magnetic-seismic firing mechanism.
Mod 12
employs magnetic firing mechanism.
Mod 13
employs pressure, magnetic firing mechanism.

mk52a.jpg (6180 bytes)

mk52.jpg (41262 bytes)


Weight: pounds
Length: inches
Diameter: inches
Guidance: None
Control: None
Autopilot: None
Propulsion: None

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